Natalia Lada

July 25, 2022

Modern Muse Interview with Natalia Lada



We are really excited to have the opporunity to speak with this special "Modern Muse" - yoga instructor, Natalia Lada. 

Hello Natalia- let's start. 


Where are you right now?

Thank you for having me! I’m currently at my home in Athens, drinking a cold black tea with lots of ice, sitting on my comfy sofa and teasing my little black cat. Outside the weather is too hot as usual these days.


What brings you inspiration?

I believe inspiration comes from living in the present, growing mindfulness throughout the day, paying attention… Usually we are so worried about past and future thoughts so we tend to lose our focus, we don’t realize the beauty surrounding us and the number of things we take for granted. I know, it’s a little tacky but, my inspiration can come from simply enjoying a nice meal, feeling the smell of each ingredient, observing every colour and shape of my food…

Which part of your job is your favourite?

As my job has several aspects and approaches, I think the one thing that is my restless source of inspiration and motivation are my students. I love interacting with people – it fascinates me every time how much strength and determination we all carry inside us
and we don’t even realize it.


What colour describes you best?

Hm, I never thought I was going to say that but, I think I am a yellowish kind of person. I don’t know why but yellow makes my day, it seems to me so vibrant, so positive.

Are you in love?

Every day!


What are you working on at the moment?

I’m currently working on a healing workshop. My aim is to create a women’s circle in which every human will reconnect with its true nature, will feel free to express feelings and past trauma with guided healing methods, given to us from the Yoga Philosophy and

How do you define success?

Ι used to translate success into specific things such as accomplishing goals at my job or having a healthy relationship with a person. The last years this perspective has been shifted. Success for me is not about the external world, but the internal. Let me explain... Realizing the fact that I am able to experience love and acknowledging every day that I have a healthy relationship and I can feel gratitude for it. By living life on my terms, having the freedom to express myself however I choose in my work environment as well as in my personal relationships. Accomplishing the goal of helping myself and others lead a better, happier, healthier life and start appreciating the little moments that guide us through it.


How would you describe yourself in three words?

Creative, inpatient, direct
(Although the most accurate words right now are those in my last google search: “cat
summer suits”)


Modern Muses that inspire you and why?

Every human which is determined to live its life at its full potential every day, that never does anything less than what has to be done to achieve its goals. Humans that have gratitude towards life and its flow and use their pain to become stronger.


It's truly inspiring to understand better the way you see the world. It's really an honor to have you here as our Modern Muse. I truly wish you all the very best in your next steps, and a bit more mindfullness to the rest of us. 

Thank you,