Lea Rohe

June 20, 2022

Interview with Lea Rohe



We are really excited to have the opporunity to speak with this special "Modern Muse" - Lea Rohe.  

Hello Lea - let's start. 


Where are you right now?

My physical body always travels between Hamburg, Berlin and Dusseldorf. In the last one- I live in my
apartment. Career-wise I am currently juggling between styling, guiding yoga, creating content
on IG and my own vintage online shop plus podcast which I run with a friend. Mentally I might
forever be a daydreamer trying to figure out a healthy balance between brain, heart and

Lea Rohe Interview

How would you describe a good day for yourself?

I guess the day would start with having a good sleep and waking up early to go for a walk or
workout followed by a nice breakfast/brunch. I love a long and celebrated first meal in the
morning. A good day also includes time and space to let things come over me a little. The good
kind of boredom where my mind can wander and mostly my creativity gets wings. Also it would
include time with friends or family and hugs, a lot of hugs.

What brings you inspiration?

Fashion-wise it's still instagram and traveling to cities; watching real people wearing real clothes. I
find joy and therefore inspiration especially in my everyday life and the small things. I also find
that in books and the images they create in my head.

Lea Rohe Interview

Which part of your job is your favourite?

As I have several jobs it’s not that one specific part but my decision to not decide anymore. I
thought I needed to make a choice when I started my career but everything can co-exist and
also support each job. I must say all jobs include interaction with others. So my favorite part are
the people, I guess - I love people.

What colour describes you best?

This question might be the toughest honestly. I am very into colors and their meaning so I might
say orange because it stands for the inner child and creativity. I resonate with blue a lot, too. I
love the sea, the calming effect blue has.

Lea Rohe

Are you in love?

I just listened to bell hooks “all about love” and I am still processing and figuring out how I define
love and how I live it in my relationship with others. But I don't have a significant other, haha.

What are you working on at the moment?

I want to take things a little slower over the summer. I am working on giving myself rest and
setting boundaries to support that. But I am currently planning some offline Pop-ups with our
online Vintage Store. We’re also sourcing some new Interview partners for the podcast.

How do you define success?

On how many moments of pure joy, happiness and love I can create for others and myself.

Lea Rohe Modern Muse

How would you describe yourself in three words?

creative, warm, intense

Modern Muses that inspire you and why?

Not gonna sound cheesy but so many women I am surrounded by in my everyday life.
Fashionwise I really enjoy the scandigirls such as Luna Klestrup and Freja Settergren and some
authors like bell hooks and Margarete Stokowsky.



Thank you so much Lea for being part of this interview series. You truly are an inspiration by making ends meet, creating co-existing careers and looking so damn good while doing so!

Wish you all the very best in your next steps,