Kris Betta

August 25, 2022

Modern Muse Interview with Artist Kris Betta



We are really excited to have the opporunity to speak with this special "Modern Muse" -  Kris Betta. 

Hello Kris- let's start.


Where are you right now?

In mykonos. I am currently having my first solo exhibition in Mykonos municipal gallery. 

kris betta simoni studio interview

How would you describe a good day for yourself?

A day with people I want to be around, people I love.

What brings you inspiration?

Everything. I can get inspired from a simple smile to a song. 

kris betta artist interview

Which part of your job is your favourite?


What colour describes you best?


kris betta interview

Are you in love?

With my work

What are you working on at the moment?

I am currently exhibiting my work in mykonos

kris betta interview

How do you define success?

Loving what you do and doing what you love

kris betta simoni studio

Modern Muses that inspire you and why?

My mom. She is great as a mother great at her job and inspiring as a woman



Thank you so much Kris for sharing your inspiring thoughts. Can't wait to see what's coming your way- you truly are a Modern muse!

Simoni x