Denia Kazakou

May 11, 2022

Modern Muse Interview with Denia Kazakou


We are really excited to have the opporunity to speak with this special "Modern Muse" - founder and director of The RedD Gallery in Crete. 

Hello Denia- let's start. 

Where are you right now?

I’m sitting at my desk in the RedD Gallery trying to decide if I should keep taking down the last show or call it a night and continue tomorrow morning.

Denia Kazakou for Simoni Studio

How would you describe a good day for yourself?

I would characterize a productive day as a good one. Knowing that all my projects are flowing as smoothly as possible, the individual parties involved know what they are doing and we are all working together with a common goal and getting things done. If there is time to soak in some sun and see some friends, that's the cherry on top. 

What brings you inspiration?

People, friends, lovers, current events, injustice, life… I must say though that I believe I feel the most inspired when I have multiple deadlines coming up and I am feeling under pressure.

Which part of your job is your favourite? 

The fact that you meet interesting people anywhere you go; whether that be at the public opening of a new gallery or the VVIP room of an off the grid invite only club. The art industry always attracts fascinating people.

Denia Kazakou for Simoni Studio

What colour describes you best?

I mean.. I have to say red. 

Are you in love?

Who wants to know?

What are you working on at the moment?

I just launched a new show on Artsy featuring works by a fabulous South African political artist, I’m opening a group show at the gallery next week with works themed on childhood memories and “First Loves”, and I’m also on the committee of a very cool international project that I can not disclose too much information about just yet (NDA’s are involved ).

Denia Kazakou for Simoni Studio

How do you define success?

Being able to turn down opportunities that you feel do not move you. 

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Workaholic, Tall, and Direct

Denia Kazakou for Simoni Studio

Modern Muses that inspire you and why?

Honestly, there are too many to list individually. I’m lucky enough to know and work with some amazing, creative, independent women and I feel that their strength and mindset are a constant inspiration to me.


Thank you so much Denia for sharing your journey and for being such a main character in the greek art scene. You truly are a Modern Muse - who inspires all of us.