Kallirroi Simitzidou

April 12, 2022

Modern Muse Interview with Kallirroi Simitzidou



We are really excited to have the opporunity to speak with this special "Modern Muse" - fashion editor, Kallirroi Simitzidou. 

Hello Kallirroi- let's start. 


Where are you right now?

On Sunday mornings like today - this day is so melancholic but sweet on the same time, I find the opportunity to relax at home. My dog Crunchies is a very important part of my life during the past three years and on Sundays I specifically focus on him. 


How would you describe a good day for yourself?

My perfect day is spontaneous with lots and lots of laughter. When everything just flows and I don't have to overthink of what I "should" do next.  Of course, all this without the your "partners in crime" would not make any sense. People are important for me. 

What brings you inspiration?

The images combined with the imagination. I can see something and imagine it in billion ways. This is what I try to do through my texts -present my own perspective on things.


Which part of your job is your favourite?

The work I have chosen to do is absolutely creative and this creation has no limits. It does not stop anywhere. So I can proudly say this is definitely my favorite part.

What colour describes you best?

For many years I believed that blue was the colour that represented me. Lately I have decided to put bright colors in every aspect of my life. So through this process, I would say that yellow is what suits me/ represents me in a better way. It symbolizes light, sun and happiness. It is eccentric and will definitely - whether you like it or not - catch your eye.

Are you in love?

I do not know if one can live without being in love to be honest. From the friends and people we choose to have in our lives to our work and home.

What are you working on at the moment?

Journalism is evolving at a very fast pace. The information we have to manage mainly due to social media is countless. Exactly the same happens in the field of fashion -in which I specialize. So at this point of my life, I'm trying to stay informed and evolve everything I have tried to accomplish so far. This is a constant process in my career which has turned out to be a great motivation. 


How do you define success?

I think the word success is very "heavy". For me, success is the fact that I have been able to do what I wanted to do for several years. I read a lot, I watch the things that happen around us and I try - as much as I can - not let any stones unturned. 

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Extremely emotional, colorful and sometimes guilt-prone. 


Modern Muses that inspire you?

It may sound as a cliche but I cannot think of any. I draw inspiration from people who feel "free" and do not hesitate to expose themselves. They express their feelings, do everything they really want without getting into molds and do not use others to cover up their insecurities. I try every day to be one of them.

You are for sure one of them Kallirroi! Thank you so much for giving us this great interview and sharing all your thoughts and feelings. You truly are a Modern Muse and I am very looking forward to see what's coming your way in the next steps.