The Artist

Eleni Simoni is a multi - disciplinary artist based in Thessaloniki, Greece

Simoni is an artist who has created positive reactions because of her raw talent and her innovative approaches towards contemporary art. Her artistic horizons are full of greek cultural characteristics, blossoming gardens, colorful auras and a pink melancholy - which has been commented upon in many publications. Her signature technique that combines photography and  other mixed media has been distinguished between other top tier artists internationally. Her art pieces have been already exhibited in Milan, London, Monte Carlo, Madrid and Greece. A lot of new exhibitions are planned for the near future. Simoni started working as a full time artist in the beginning of the “Covid Era” , when she decided to come back to Greece after living in London for 8 years. She is in the very start of her ambitious career and she is a very promising figure in the modern art sector. In September 2021 she launched her new artist studio in Thessaloniki where she has created her latest series of paintings which were all exhibited in Myro Gallery as a solo exhibition in January 2022 - with great success and sales. 


Her inspiration is love, auras of people and the elegance of a “crying” Greece. 


  • She has been part of Monaco International Art Fair, Van Gogh Madrid Exhibition, Visual Space Featured Artist, Myro Gallery ‘Anti-stress’ Exhibition, 100 Contemporary Greek Artists (Book, Εκδόσεις Όστρια), Contemporary Art Curator ‘River of Dreams’ Exhibition, Visionary Art Collective ‘When Words fail’ Exhibition, Mads Milano ‘Philo poem’ Gallery Exhibition, Visual Space ‘Spring Virtual Exhibition’, Art Number 23 London - Athens, ΔΕΚΑ 5/ΕΝΔΕΚΑ, Art Time Gallery Athens, Hansford and Sons, Greek Artists Hub & Woman Artist Collaboration 

  • She has been featured in these publications: London Paint Club, Parallaxi, Glow Magazine, Lifo, Kathimerini, Pikap Community, The Art Space, Greek Artists Hub, Visual Space Magazine, Contemporary Art Curator, Polis Magazino, Arts and Antiques Greek, Kalo Mina (New York Magazine), VOL UP (Paris Magazine), Where are the women artists (UK Blog), TFC Magazine, Thessaloniki City Guide, Like Woman, Contemporary Creatives, Greek Artists Hub