The Artist

Eleni Simoni is a multi - disciplinary artist based in Thessaloniki, Greece

Eleni Simoni is a Greek Artist that has spent her life between London and Thessaloniki. She has a passion for all things creative having worked for the famous fashion photographer David Sims as well as in Artist PR agency KTW London. In 2020 she decided to become the artist herself and explore everything in her through her art practise. She has been described as a "parthenogenesis in human emotions" as her techniques touch upon very sensitive topics, creating a utopian scenery between realism and abstract art. She has mentioned the passing from childhood to adulthood, sexuality and hedonism have affected her views and aesthetics. Having lived in Greece she has naturally embodied all things ethereal whereas her life in London has given her the edge and grunge she was looking for - creating the perfect contrast in her art. She lives by the motto that art will heal us all. 


Simoni started her career as a full time artist in March 2020 and has since participated in a number of exhibitions. She lives and breathes social media, which has given a very different perspective and depth to her practise. Her debut physical exhibition launched in Athens in October 2020 "Art's Birthplace: Athena" where her piece Covid Auras was in a prime position in the gallery making her the leading artist. Many virtual exhibitions took place with London Paint Club, Art Number 23 (Athens), MADS Milano, Visual Space, Visionary Art Collective, Contemporary Art Curator, Monaco Art Fair (August 2021). Also she has been interviewed and mentioned in VOL UP Parisienne magazine, Glow Magazine SKG, Parallaxi Magazine, Kalo Mina, Greek Artists Hub. She is a part of the Hansford and Sons Emerging Artists Platform, The Art Space Greece and The Pikap Community. Her goal is to change the world through art.